5-star Special Enrollment Period

If you are unhappy with your current Medicare plan, you can use a special enrollment to join a Medicare plan with a 5-star rating.  This SEP is specifically for enrollment into a qualifying 5-star plan if there is one available in your area.  This SEP is available from December 8 through November 30.

If you enroll in December, your plan will be effective as of January 1.  Enrollments that are processed from January through November are effective the first day of the month following the enrollment request.

Please note:  beneficiaries may only use this SEP one time from December 8 through November 30.

The CMS releases the Star ratings every fall

Plan ratings may change every year and are available in October.

Each year during AEP, when you are looking at your plan options, consider the star ratings of each plan for a glimpse into what to expect from each plan.

To get a full explanation of star ratings, go to Medicare .gov.  A licensed Medicare agent will be able to help you choose the best coverage options for you as well as provide the up-to-date star ratings.

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