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All hard workers dream of the time when they can finally enjoy their extended vacation. However, in order to have confidence about your future retirement years, you must have a substantial savings nest egg. Without the funds to support your retirement, the most anticipated time of your life can become one of the most dreaded.

Retirement planning is something that should be started early on in life to ensure that you have enough income during your extended vacation. Since each individual’s current and future needs are unique, it is important that you strategize your income savings with an expert so that you can feel confident entering your retirement years.

There are a wide range of options available to you in regards to retirement savings. Allow the knowledgeable and experienced professionals at Crowe & Associates to be your guiding hand for everything retirement related.

Guaranteed Income VS. S&P 500 Index Fund

In a perfect world, where the S&P 500 generates 10 percent return year after year, the Guaranteed Income would not be recommendable, but in reality, the market has had huge swings. The reason for a Guaranteed Income strategy is that it guards against someone wanting to retire at a specific time, regardless if that happens to be during a downturn swing.

Retirement Income Strategy

Planning for retirement has become a risky business for most. The majority of future retirees are no longer offered a private pension plan. Instead, they will need to rely on their deferred compensation plan, such as a 401K, to provide the income needed in retirement. Two of the most prevalent concerns with relying on a deferred compensation plan…

LTC Deposit Products Vs. Traditional Long Term Care

Long-term care (LTC) insurance provides needed protection against the costs of home health care, skilled nursing care, and institutional care. While there are a number of reasons to purchase a long-term care insurance policy, one of the most important influences is to protect hard-earned assets. If some form of care is needed, a LTC policy…

Saving on Premiums: LTC Deposit Strategy

An LTC deposit strategy will also protect assets against the cost of long term care and offers major advantages over a traditional LTC policy. The deposit program uses a portion of the investable assets as leverage in the event future Long Term Health Care expenses are incurred.

The money is…


Create a Personal Pension Stream in Working Years

Often, individuals who are about to retire will use a lump sum of money to create an income stream to support themselves during retirement. This money typically comes from a 401K, IRA, brokerage account, or some other investment tool. A major concern for these individuals is that they are never sure if the lump sum will be enough to create the needed income stream. Many factors come into play, such as the amount they save every month and…

Is the 4 Percent Income Rule Still Safe?

The ability to sustain a steady income during retirement has always been a primary concern for individuals and families in the United States. Recent studies have shown that approximately 61 percent of U.S residents ages 44 through 75 are more afraid of running out of savings/income than they are of death. In order to avoid exhausting a savings nest egg, guidelines have been developed. The most popular is the 4 percent income rule…


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