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Insurance sales training

Insurance sales training

Insurance sales training

Insurance sales training

Anyone who wants to enter the field of Medicare sales, will need to have insurance agent training before they meet with any potential clients. Crowe and Associates offers Medicare agents access to several types of training tools.  We provide free information on our website, YouTube channel as well as weekly informational webinars and zoom meetings geared for either beginners or experienced agents.

Think about joining an FMO

Getting started in insurance sales can be confusing, especially if you are trying to get it done on your own.  An good FMO provides guidance and support not only to new agents but to experienced agents as well.  Agents receive back office support as well as resources and tools that can make your business run effectively.  it is important to choose an FMO that provides the support you need.  Be sure to ask as many questions as you need to and contact as many as you need.  Agents need to feel comfortable with their upline and secure knowing they will be there to answer your questions when they arise.

See what we offer Medicare agents

Decide what products to offer

We will focus on Medicare products, because that is the largest part of what we offer.  If you are unsure which products you are going to offer clients, your FMO should assist you in choosing a reasonable number of Medicare and ancillary products to get started.  It is best not to overwhelm yourself and get discouraged.   A good FMO will run a quote in the area you plan to sell in and provide you with a few of the top carriers in each product type to et you started.  This is easy to do with a good quote engine and takes only a few minutes.

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Contracting and Certifications

After you choose the products and carriers you are going to offer, you must complete contracting.  Your FMO should be able to help get this done.  Once you receive your contracting links, you can complete them along with your carrier certifications(carrier specific training you do to gain knowledge about the products you are offering).   When this is done, you will receive your RTS (ready to sell) and you can now offer that product.

websites and blogs focused on Medicare sales.  Here you will be able to access information regarding all aspects of Medicare sales.  Our recorded webinars will hit on just about every area of Medicare sales.   For those, very new to Medicare sales, be sure to access our Medicare sales quick guide to lean the basics about contracting, certifying and selling.

Because Medicare is a federal program, there are a lot of rules and regulations agents must adhere to. These rules protect the clients as well as the agents and ensure everyone conducts business in a compliant and fair way.  CMS mandates that agents take annual training courses to stay up to ate with all the regulations.  That is why agents need to take and pas the AHIP annually with a score of 90% or higher.

Watch a quick YouTube video for 2024 AHIP test tips

Sales training

New agents often need more guidance to get an idea of how to get started. Comprehensive training programs provide an understanding of things like; eligibility, enrollment and coverage options.  We provide newer agents weekly zoom training to help them feel confident and build their knowledge base.  We are also available for a one on one meeting or phone call.  In some cases agents may have an opportunity to pair up with a local agent and go on sales calls.

Product training

In the Medicare field, clients have soo many types of coverage offered by many carriers to consider. This means agents must be aware of new products and changes in plan products as well  what their client is looking for.  That is why agents complete specific product training, so they can ensure their client receives the coverage they need and can afford.  We provide the opportunity for agents to join one of our weekly zoom meetings or webinars to get updated information and ask questions if they are unsure about anything.

Anyone can find information on our website or YouTube channel.  We update our Events and information page so agents can easily find a webinar or event information on our website, just click on the link below.

Click here to view our updated Events and information post

Access the recorded webinars on various topics on our YouTube channel, just click on the link below:

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and view all our recorded training and informational videos

Learn to use our free quoting and enrollment tools

We provide our agents with a few ways to quote and enroll clients in a CMS complain way. Sunfire and Connecture are two of the tools we offer at no cost to our agents. Both of these tools provide  a CRM as well as the ability to record sales calls and remain compliant.

Take a look at a Sunfire enrollment demonstration

Networking and Business Development Training

Agents require more training once they have a handle on the ins and outs of Medicare and the carrier plans.  Some people require advice to help the design a business plan. They may need a strategy for networking opportunities, leads, and business development.  These tools will establish their place in the community and build a book of business.

Generate Medicare referrals

Medicare lead program

Our agents have an opportunity to participate in our Medicare lead program to.  We provide agents up $500 a month to offset lead and marketing costs.  There are no minimums to start and absolutely no reduction in compensation.

More info on our Free Medicare Lead Program

What does a Medicare agent earn

Each year CMS sets the maximum amount for Medicare commissions.  Click here to see the commission rates for 2024 

Watch a YouTube video to see the CMS proposed changes to agent compensation



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