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Compare Medicare Advantage plans

Compare Medicare Advantage plans

Compare Medicare Advantage plans

Compare Medicare Advantage plans

If you are new to Medicare, you should Compare Medicare Advantage plans to find the one that fits you best.  Some people refer to Medicare Advantage plans as either Part C or MA Plans.  These plans are used as an alternative to original Medicare.  If you choose to participate with a Medicare Advantage plan, you do not lose your Medicare benefit.  These plans include your Medicare Part A and Part B and in most cases a prescription drug plan or Part D.

How does a Medicare Advantage Plan work with Medicare:

Private insurance companies must have their plan approved by Medicare before they can offer them to clients.  Medicare has very strict guidelines that insurance companies must follow.  Once Medicare approves the plan, Medicare will pay a certain amount to these insurance companies every month for your care.

Every plan has different charges, costs and rules for services you receive.  Some plans require you to get a referral before seeing a specialist and weather or not you have to go to certain approved providers for your medical care for non emergency care.  Insurance companies change there policies every year.  That means you should check your policy each year during open enrollment to be sure it is still the best option for you.

Compare Medicare Advantage plans to be sure what services are covered:

Although Medicare Advantage Plans cover all the services that original Medicare approves, some Medicare Advantage plans offer additional extra coverage.  The options can include things like; vision, hearing and dental coverage.  The cost for each plan also varies depending on the company you choose as well as your location and a few other things.  Click here for more cost information.

Click here to compare Medicare Advantage plans in your area.

Medicare Advantage plan prescription drug coverage:

For most of us, prescription drug coverage; also know as Part D is an important benefit to have.   Most Medicare Advantage plans offer prescription drug coverage.  If you choose a plan that does not offer Part D, you can enroll in a stand alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.


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