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Aetna Silverscript

Aetna Silverscript

Aetna SilverScript

For Medicare beneficiaries who are on Original Medicare or Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement plan, it is a good idea to add a Medicare prescription drug plan to cover your prescriptions. One prescription drug plan that provides coverage to many beneficiaries is the Aetna SilverScript Plan.  In this post, we will go over some of the benefits these plans provide.

Aetna SilverScript Overview

Aetna SilverScript is a Medicare prescription drug plan provider.  It is part of the Aetna family of medical insurance plans. These plans are designed to work with Original Medicare or Medicare supplement plans and cannot be sold to anyone who is currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan and wants to remain on that plan.

Eligibility for prescription plan enrollment

In order for a beneficiary to eligible for enrollment in any PDP plan, they must be enrolled in either Medicare Part A or both Medicare Part A & Part B.  Beneficiaries must also live in the service area of the plan they want to enroll in.

There are specific times you must use to enroll in a Medicare prescription drug plan (Part D).

  1. During your initial enrollment period (IEP).
  2. Enroll during the Annual Election period (AEP).
  3. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you can enroll during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (MAOEP).
  4. When you qualify for a special election period (SEP).

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Aetna SilverScript plans

In 2024, Aetna is offering 3 different plan choices:

  1. First, the SilverScript Smart Saver plan – This plan has an average monthly premium of $11.19, Please note, this cost is an average.  Actual cost depends on the service area. This plan offers a $0 copay for a 30-day supply of Tier 1 drugs.   There are almost 600 drugs that fall into Tier 1 and Tier 2 on this plan, drugs on tier 2 have a copay amount of $5.  The SilverScript Smart Saver plan also provides members a low deductible of $280 for Tier 2 through Tier 5 drugs.
  2. Second, the SilverScript Choice plan – Members of this plan pay an average monthly premium of $46.59.  Please note, this cost is an average and the actual cost depends on the service area.  There is a $545 deductible applied to all tiers of this plan.  The copay amount for Tier 1 drugs is $2 while the Tier 2 copay amount is $7.  Beneficiaries who qualify for Extra Help do not have to pay a plan premium.
  3. Third, the SilverScript Plus plan – The premium for this plan averages $103.51 although the actual amount varies depending on the service area.  This is a top-notch plan that offers members a $0 deductible for both Tier 1 and Tier 2 drugs.  On this plan, there is a $0 copay for many prescription vitamins, minerals and some other types of drugs. members also receive additional gap coverage.

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Features of Aetna SilverScript PDP plans

Variety of Plans

Aetna offers a wide range of prescription drug coverage options.  This allows beneficiaries to choose a plan that aligns with their personal needs and budget.  Each plan covers different medications at varying costs.

Extensive Network of Pharmacies

All Aetna SilverScript plans offer an extensive network of pharmacies.  This gives beneficiaries the flexibility and convenience to choose where they fill their prescriptions.

Mail-Order Options

The Aetna SilverScript plans provide the option for mail-order prescriptions, allowing beneficiaries to receive a 90-day supply of their medications conveniently delivered to their door.

Members of Aetna SilverScript PDP plans can visit to access and print plan materials, pay their plan premiums, check coverage of their drugs or locate a local, preferred pharmacy.

Aetna also provides members a secure site,, to find prescription prices, see possible prescription savings options, sign up for mail delivery, check order status and more.

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To see if these plans are right for you, check with a licensed Medicare agent who can ensure your coverage needs are properly met by either these plans or another one.

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